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We are looking for a highly motivated salesperson to work on location at Thizzler HQ in Oakland 5 days a week.

Responsibilities will include responding to inquiries by phone and email, researching, contacting and maintaining relationships with potential advertising and sponsorship leads, writing emails and proposals, traveling to sponsor locations to pitch proposals, and working alongside the rest of the team in creating creative & engaging projects such as events, videos, and other campaigns that would be candidates for sponsorship.

- Strong writing skills - great spelling, grammar and professional tone
- Great verbal communication skills
- Must be organized & efficient
- Self motivated
- Flexible schedule
- A strong desire to constantly learn new things & improve existing skills
- A basic knowledge of the Bay Area hip hop scene

Recommended (but not required):
- Previous sales experience
- Experience in Pipedrive, Asana, Shopify

- Responding to texts, calls & emails from inbound sources in a timely manner
- Researching, cold calling & meeting with brands & local businesses to bring in sponsors for Thizzler projects
- Scheduling follow ups & meetings with potential advertisers and sponsors
- Logging sales, follow ups & potential customers using Shopify, Pipedrive & Asana
- Finding sponsorship opportunities within new & existing Thizzler projects
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