We're looking for freelance videographers.
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We are looking for freelance videographers for Thizzler projects.

We are looking for talented videographers that have a great sense of style, an eye for detail and a ton of creativity. Projects range from Thizzler interviews, YouTube shows such as TZLR News, music videos, event coverage and campaigns such as the Bay Area Freshmen 10 or Thizzler Jam. You will be required to work on-site at Thizzler HQ in Oakland to start but may be able to work off-site once working guidelines are established. Exceptionally talented & organized videographers may be invited to work full time at Thizzler HQ in Oakland.

Recommended skills: 
- Camera operator experience
- Expertise in Final Cut Pro X (Adobe Premiere is also OK)
- Knowledge of After Effects
- Extremely strong attention to detail

Bonus skills:
- Experience in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator
- Motion graphics experience
- Font, color & styling experience
- Studio & on location lighting experience
- Keying / green screen experience
- 1-2 years prior experience or education in marketing
- Knowledge of the Bay Area music scene
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